Summer Highlights

This has been a fun summer! While waiting for our fourth child to arrive, I’ve been taking it a little easier. I have loved each and every photo opportunity I’ve had so far. Here are some highlights from the sessions I’ve done. Each one is deserving of a full post which will come later.

The […]

Adventures in Argentina

copyright Christi Hardy, PureShots Photography

Our plane landed at 9:30am in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After a long stretch of flying from Seattle to Houston and then to Buenos Aires and less than 3 hours of sleep, I knew we needed to keep ourselves awake for the next 12 hours if we were going to adjust and thrive exploring Argentina. My […]

Backpacks, Books, Pencils – Oh My! It’s Back to School Time

Summer is winding down and it is time to start thinking about school. We’ve already received our back to school welcome letters in the mail and done all our school shopping. The backpacks are waiting empty in the front closet. The school uniforms are neatly folded in dressers. And we’re packing in the activities […]

A Walk Through the Wetlands

We love to spend time with my kids’ grandparents in Oregon during summer break when we can go down for more than a weekend. They have a blast on “the farm” and we enjoy tons of outside time. One evening we went for a walk through Fernhill Wetlands in Forest Grove. The highlight of […]

Happy Fourth of July – belated!

Every Fourth of July my husband and I seek out the best fireworks show in our area. Topping our list so far has been with the Boston Pops and over Pearl Harbor. This year, though, comes in high on the list – maybe about even with the Boston Pops. We sailed out in […]


Peace. Quiet. Solitude. Prayer. Reflection. Listening to God’s creation. No cars. No computers. No phones. No human voices. Listening to God. Watching. Not a screen. Nothing electronic. God’s creation. Colors. Light, natural light. Observing. Tiny worlds. Big earth.

In this life of motherhood the pace is crazy fast. There are meals to prepare and serve, […]

Seattle Sunrise to Sunset

Usually my days are filled with watching three little kiddos. I have the privilege of making sure they are well fed, well rested, well played, well educated, well entertained, and otherwise well taken care of. I love my full-time job. Once in a while, though, I really REALLY enjoy a break. Saturday was a break for me. […]

The Kite Guy

Last Saturday I had the amazing opportunity to spend an entire day looking at Seattle through my lens. At the very end of the day I found this man flying his kite on top of a hill at Gasworks Park. The kite silhouetted against the sky as the sun was setting made for fun shots. Enjoy!



Welcome to the new and improved PureShots Photography site! I just spent a full day photographing Seattle and I can’t wait to share the results here. I started out at Kerry Park for sunrise, followed by Discovery Park for trail and beach walking, a leisurely stop in Pioneer Square for a chai tea pick me up, and finishing at […]